Welcome to Martin Whitney's website, where you can discover how to achieve the physical well-being you are looking for in a personalised way and with the advice of experienced professionals.

MW Massage Therapy & Fitness is a new center where you will find a unique space in Hampshire to get to know and work on the areas of the body that need it and at the same time you will be able to achieve the physical goals that you set for yourself. We know that a sporting effort requires professional monitoring to improve performance and achieve the best results. But, in many cases, daily activities, such as work or excessive stress, also need professional treatment in order to continue with a healthy life, without ailments..

Whatever your case may be, at MW we are waiting for you and, through monitoring and personalised analysis of your case, we will help you achieve all your goals.



We present our new Corporate Identity.
This website and everything that surrounds the new brand of Martin Whitney - Massage Therapy & Fitness,
It has been developed with the intention of visually capturing the essence of the company.